Pena Blanca: Excursion: A Day at the Lake

We were inspired.  We made quick studies of whatever caught our attention at first and then settled in for longer poses and deeper explorations. We worked in the cool morning  and warm afternoon paying attention to the qualities of light, intensity and contrast throughout the day. Morning and afternoon light appear warmer than noon light although morning does have a cooler, perhaps bluer, sensation due to moisture in the air.  In the end it all depends on the artist to show us how they “see it”

Thumbnails from the sketchbook-they may not look like much but there is nothing like a quick thumbnail sketch to point you in the right direction…

Laura Hudson


Betina Fink

Cora LaGrange

Gay Sheibl

Meredith Milstead

“Mr. Chirpy” and Lunch

Betina Fink

Lynn Fleischman

                                                            Elena Navarette

Notice the mysterious device in Betina’s hand…the super viewer.

Site Surprises

The lake surrounds are burned and many trees and vegetation are blackened. New green growth appears even more vibrant against the dark and branching patterns are prevalent due to lack of foliage. This stark appearance is beneficial for understanding underlying structures.