Empire Ranch and Cienegas Excursion: Morning and Afternoon

We arrived at 9 AM in the breezy morning and plunged directly into linear perspective-no easy feat.  We had the place relatively to ourselves with the exception of requisite wildlife including a migratory Grey Hawk hunting.

The Ranch House is a study in linear perspective. Diagonals and cast shadows juxtapose with gnarly branching patterns and irregular masonry.

Mikaela and Rita in red and yellow

Sara in the shade

Rita and Miri through the breezeway

Peter and the weathered trough

What was it that Leonardo da Vinci said about exciting the imagination with peeling plaster walls?

Miri worked in charcoal and Rita tried out acrylic au plein aire for the first time.

At noon we packed up and headed to the afternoon site. We enjoyed lunch in the shade of what we agreed was the biggest Cottonwood we’d ever seen and for desert-brownies from Mikaela. Merci Mikaela!

A look at the mornings’ work in: Pastel, watercolor, charcoal, acrylic, ink wash and graphite wash.

Afternoon was a sharp contrast to morning.


We explored the area, made some thumbnails,

then settled in for a longer pose, ending the day exhausted and satisfied, inspired and ready to relax.

Miri-watercolor, Rita-pastel pencil, Sara-pastel

Peter-watercolor, Elena-pastel on toned paper


Loisanne-graphite wash, Lynn-ink wash and charcoal and Mikaela-pastel on sanded paper.

Thanks to everyone for making this such an enjoyable and educational Excursion!

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