Chronicles: One potato, two potato

The drawing board in the “kitchen studio”


Potatoes have long inspired.  They tend to sit around, are quickly inedible and then forgotten in the dry desert winter.

Neglect leads to terrific biomorphic-complexity. I like to imagine them as mini-wildernesses to explore.

I elect to make a study of growth/gravity with color and biomorphic abstraction as theme/concept.

Begin with cool and warm studies, then six complementary dyads.




Great practice. Starting to feel like some kind of marathon…almost there…


Red-orange/ Blue-green


These are about 7×9 inches, pastel and charcoal.  I consider this is a practice exercise which develops composition, technique, color, and basic drawing skills.

3 thoughts on “Chronicles: One potato, two potato

  1. So cool Meredith! What an excellent way to explore and understand color, then move from the real to the surreal to the abstract, all by drawing from observation – so cool!

  2. These are terrific, and terrifically cellular, and just fun. I’m wrestling with my pastel palette for tomorrow with their guidance in mind.

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