Chronicle: Saguaro Bloom: Part I

It’s that time of year when Saguaros grow buds, bloom and then fruit.  Usually all of this happens many feet up in the air and one can only guess what really goes on, but here on the slope of the hill, we watch the mystery unfold from just inches away.

It’s 9 AM by the time I get going and the sweat is already beginning to pool…I know, blah, but you’ve got to love it if you want to get anywhere in this plein air business.

Start with a line drawing.

Begin filling in some of the larger shapes. I tend to work up one color at a time, all over.

Here is the (fast and dirty) 2 hour result including all of the colors I ended up using. Perhaps next week I can save time knowing this palette although I hope to be adding more color as the buds…blossom.

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