Excursion: Patagonia Nature Preserve

We delighted in the sun-drenched, cool, crystal-clear morning.  As we approached our first location, a Blue Heron stood before us on the path…good luck omen.


Some quickly get down to business.

Leia works in traditional oils.

Loisanne, watercolor.


Lory works in pastel.

Others prefer to explore more, traveling deeper and deeper into the preserve. It takes will power to stop and draw!

Lynn, charcoal and Sara, ink.

Mikaela, charcoal.

Marge usually works in acrylic but decides to try watercolor.

Lunch brought relaxation and discussion of the mornings’ work.  Lory fortifies us with super dark chocolate, yay!

We explored the Cienega loop trail in the afternoon. The trail surrounds a natural spring which makes the area lush, dense and smelling of spearmint which grows there in abundance.

To get to our location we walk up and down the elevated Railroad Trail. Little greeters meet us on the handrails.

Yes, javalina and snakes love this place too…

Some look out from the dense foliage, while others turn inward, catching focused and filtered light.

Leia looks out.

Lory frames the scene with expressive trees, pastel.

Thumbnail Queen tries woodless colored pencil.

  Mikaela catches light with charcoal.

Loisanne captures the cottonwood quality, watercolor.

Lynn works on an enormous burl.

Karen’s intimate and whimsical watercolors.

Sara’s prickly poppy pastel.

Thanks again to all for coming and sharing your work with others’ through this post. I hope you’ll be inspired to make another trip to the preserve, remember your passes last for one week. Better yet, make an overnight of it at the Inn in Patagonia!

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