Madera Canyon Quick Peek


Madera Canyon is an easy drive south from Tucson. At 4500 ft. base elevation to 9543 ft. tip-top it offers cool relief, sweeping vistas, trickling water and has that dappled-california-sun-oak and grassland quality and pine-valley-mountain-cool-calm (just a little bit of everything).

Approach the canyon through cattled scrub/grasslands.

Take the first trail head parking opportunity to the pagodad Proctor site for the best diversity of scenery with canopied streams to the left…

…and 70 mile vistas to the right…

Diverse flora is evident around the slightly cooler and protected entry to the canyon area.


A short climb in elevation reveals new arboreality…

(confessions of an “arborophile”)

Water and Wild Turkey.

There are accommodating creature comforts at this site for overnight guests including; camping, B&B, RV.  A tarry-over would enable a better glimpse into early morning and dusk goings-on-much to see no doubt.


Caught this one on the way out.  Nancy eat your heart out!

2 thoughts on “Madera Canyon Quick Peek

  1. AAHHHH! YES! We went out to Saguaro yesterday and the Palo Verde’s were a brighter yellow there – little less faded than at my house. … more sparkle! The Ironwoods look really good now, too!

    2 more days!!

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