Chronicle: Screaming Delectable Sonoran

The desert blooms profusely this Spring. Foothills Palo Verde are screaming yellow and Ironwood trees delectable violet.  This feels once-in-a-lifetime..these trees are onto (into?) something…and I want in on it.  Time for field notes.

8 AM in search of the Ironwood and heading west into the Tucson Mountains. They begin to appear along the foothill washes on the eastern slope.  I climb Gates Pass and down-no Ironwood-but many Palo Verde. A quick pull-out sketch is in order.

Back over the Pass.

The morning light really brings out dramatic contrasts and “warm” hues.

Heading back I hang right on Camino de Oeste where it dead-ends at the Yetman trail-head. Good spot for the Ironwood.

“car sketching”

Grab your pastels/watercolors/colored pencils and hit the foothills 8-11  AM and 5-7 PM. You won’t be disappointed.

Thanks to all the yellow and purple lovers who won’t stop talking about this years’ bloom!

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