Excursion: Madera Canyon

We arrive on site at 9 AM, pleased with the cool temps and ample shade.

Quick talk on thumbnails and keeping it simple.


Thumbnails by Lynn, Karen and Lori.

From our initial site we have many choices including deep space and intimate canyon. Everyone seems to know exactly where to go…



Vistas by Gay, Gale, Elena and Carile.

…or canyon?

Canyon by Lori, Lynn, Amy and Sara.

watch where you sit!

Watercolor set-up with Leia

At noon we luncheon at Whitehouse picnic area with a good look and talk about  the mornings’ work.  This looking and talking is very valuable-never underestimate (or overestimate) feedback.

We travel up the canyon as the day warms up and settle in an area with a plethora of towering tree and rock specimen.


Arborettes: Gay, Sara, Carile, Karen, Lynn, Elena, Gay and Nancy.

Tree dweller.

Rockettes; Lori, Amy, Leia, Gale and myself.

We agree that, in general, we take more risks with the afternoons’ work.  The practice of the morning helps to focus and build the confidence and perseverance to find resolution to more complex problems. Discussion with fellow artists is beneficial.

We end the day with satisfaction and vows to return but most importantly to follow the urge to get out and paint/draw/sketch whenever it hits…indeed!

2 thoughts on “Excursion: Madera Canyon

  1. What a beautiful day and so many great drawings! Sorry to miss it. We live in and near so many beautiful places, your blog reaffirms the notion and need to get out there and draw them! Thanks so much for sharing.

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