University Art Museum: Sol LeWitt wall drawings: Part II

Here is the latest update on the Sol LeWitt wall drawings project. We, “The Magnificent Five” (actually the magnificent 3 1/2 so far) have completed wall drawing #103 and are in the home-stretch on wall drawing #869 c.

Carolyn Sotelo explains the project  in the U of A News you-tube  interview.

We are surrounded by David Headley’s enormous colorful triptychs-muy upbeat!

Our instructions:

The first “not-straight” line piece was LeWitt’s response to the untimely death of artist Eve Hesse.

Camera phone fuzz but you can see we have a ways to go…

As I draw, and in-between talking with museum visitors, I am thinking of a zen garden or watching oxbows form from above…I am also finalizing shopping lists and travel plans…and even (goal) not  “thinking” at all.  Ah.

Actually this morning “moving meditation” benefits other seemingly unrelated art projects.  I am even more aware of patterns and the element, line.  It’s also great fine tuning for the eye-hand coordination. And it’s fun to draw on museum walls-you know, breaking the rules.

making it down the wall-

Close up of another wall piece. This one is about making connections between 30 points.   The artists use nails and string to connect the points.

Previous connecting points project leads to new creative interpretation.

For more information and duration of exhibit read/listen to this new release from the Chronicle:

2 thoughts on “University Art Museum: Sol LeWitt wall drawings: Part II

  1. Your Visual Art Excursions never cease to amaze me! Sharing your explorations of your artistic curiousity are a true inspiration. Love it!

    • Laura, Thanks! Your comments keep me posting. I am pretty excited about the next endeavor; plein aire immersion up on the Slumgullion Pass in the San Juan/Rocky mountains-stay tuned.

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