Chronicle: Saguaro Bloom: Part III

Tell tale signs of feasting doves litter the ground….oh oh, am I too late?

Not yet, but only 7 days have elapsed and behold…fully ripe and almost gone fruit!  (consensus says they taste like fig-watermelons-yum). Local doves rely on them as a food source so we don’t munch the ones up here on Tumamoc, plus they are protected-so, never munch! (better to draw)

I circle around the specimen…framing different views with my camera.  The point of view from last week doesn’t work this week so I opt for a fresh perspective.

…And, because I am working with new coloration, I consult the color wheel-I like to hold the wheel right up to my subject and spin it until I find a match-There are several great options for this subject.

I am field testing Rembrandt brand soft pastels. This is a good set although it could do with more shades…The softs are on the hard side so there is more control.

This limited palette includes red-violet, red and red-orange with yellow-green to complement. Here see tints, tones and shades of the 4 colors. (plus gray, white and blue..)

Drawing is a lot about sharpening.

Today’s work is ALL ABOUT THE FRUIT-so entranced am I with the magenta mix that I forget about the rest.  This approach actually leads to a bit of frustration because…who wants to eat a side salad when they can wolf down desert first…a little let down, and with an empty “sugar high”, I return to the beginning and work up the values in the saguaro “side-salad”.

Hey, I think we pulled it off-with many thanks to drawing compadres and great post drawing discussion.

Check out more of the sketchers work-and other fascinating subjects at:

Oh, one more thing; Javalina, not 20 feet from said subject…It was hot and they were tired-thank you.

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