Chronicle: Letterpress and Monoprint

Alice Vinson offers a day workshop in Letterpress at the University of Arizona print Lab through The Drawing Studio.  Even though it’s only one day…I leave hooked, ha!

Here, a tour of the Vandercook presses, “baby” press, wood lettering and inks.


We begin by choosing a font in metal lettering then learning how to arrange, space and bind a block of text for printing.

I start with 30 point “Optima” but then realize it doesn’t fit with the message of my words or the monotype images I’ve made in Lynn’s workshop for letterpress.  I end up with a 30 point ” Brody“…I think. Anyway, it looks better.

A few of the prints I’ve chosen to add text to:

(yes, I took these pics after adding text-so ignore the little words for now)

To the press bed to position the text for printing.

Setting metal type.

Setting wood type.

Aligning  paper over text.

Inking the rollers. We choose  a deep blue: Pantone 072.

First wood lettering prints by Andrew (black ink).

With metal type.

(now see the text-these are easier to read). In case you are wondering, it says; “tied, bound, freed, found”.  Here you can see the emboss.

A few words which came to me while walking “el jefe”. Thank you, dog.

Very interesting. Thanks very much to Lynn and Alice for this 2 day workshop, hope it will happen again! As a complete novice, I accomplished much with new appreciation for both processes as well as knowledge gleaned from participants;  conservator, digital designer and creative writer to name  a few.

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