Color: #5 Rectangular Tetrad

We are looking at peppers on glass. Our dominant color is green. Green will dictate the harmony.

We are working with 4 colors. On the color wheel this is referred to as a tetrad. This particular harmony is represented as a rectangle.  The harmony has two sets of complements: green/red and yellow/violet. This harmony has a lot of potential for contrast in hue and value and temperature.

We begin the technical exercise with a 25 square grid. We place the dominant hue in the upper left and move clockwise to yellow, same as on the color wheel. The outer bands of the square are the two colors combined vertically and horizontally.

Next, cross the complements diagonally.

The middle square will have the most mixing and will be your “black” or darkest dark.

Now, begin the sketch of the pepper with a light gray colored pencil with a light touch.

Start with the lightest lights first. In this case yellow.

Next, green.

Next, violet.

Adding red.

Finally, all areas accounted for with varying degrees of the tetrad.

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