Color: #6 Equidistant Tetrad

We are taking our color direction directly from our subject. Here we see red violet and blue . We decide blue will be dominant. We choose a tetrad containing these two colors and let the harmony dictate the other two colors. Colors equidistant apart on the color wheel are, clockwise: Blue, red-violet, orange and yellow-green; two complementary combinations.

Make a light line drawing mapping the dimensions of the silhouette and value changes.

In addition to the four pure hues, choose their tints and shades.  Use black sparingly. Look closely at the grid to see notations of all the pencils I’ve used next to each pure and  mixed square.

One thought on “Color: #6 Equidistant Tetrad

  1. Meredith,

    I had an aha! moment while I was doing the homework. I decided to do the blue dominant color of a favorite wrap of mine. I really didn’t get to really do the blue in class and I love this particular heavy wrap and I love the folds. But what else to do? I finally settled on a teddy bear with a red shirt that hangs around here. Thats the red and orange in the tetrad and then green. I wondered how I was going to integrate the green, and doing the quandrant I found that combining all the colors, I found a brown and dirty gold! Amazing! I finally understood what you were trying to get across. My hope is to do a second drawing with another dominant color and bring it also to the class. The good news is that I am feeling somewhat better, and can concentrate, so maybe I’ll be able to accomplish this goal.

    Unfortunately I will not be able to attend class! And the following class is the Tour de Tucson which Diego has worked so hard on, and I am his only fan! I think I can attend class until 2-2:30 and leave to pick up Diego around 3 p.m. So I will plan to go and at least be part of the critique which is so helpful.


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