General Relativity: Opening Night

It was a great opening with excellent (and abundant) Thanksgiving themed tasty treats provided by the School of Culinary Arts.  The work looks better than ever with gallery lighting. If you didn’t get a chance to come last night make it a side-stop on your way to the great Phoenix. The gallery is just 4 miles off of 1-10 at exit 190, follow the signs to Central Arizona College (Signal Peak Campus), see the clock tower and…you’re there. For information, call 520-560-2452.

Many Thanks to Tom Belden, Gallery Director, for…everything, Ka Fisher for making the connection, and Jim K. (general relativity title concept instigator) and Nancy Stevens for their support.


…appologies for camera-phone quality.

Thanks to Amy Maddock for choosing our Postcard/Mailer image, “Gardens of Europa”.


Thanks to all the students who showed up with their curiosity and questions.

Can’t forget the beloved little scamp-avatar, el Jefe, who is witness to all.

Happy Holidays and Bon Voyages. MM

2 thoughts on “General Relativity: Opening Night

  1. Meredith, Congratulations on your show — it looks (even through cellphone camera) beautiful. I couldn’t make the opening, but am looking forward to a field trip there soon.

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