Art Outing: Sabino Canyon

We meet at 9 a.m. to take the tram up Sabino. We pick a spot with good views, lots of color and boulders.


It takes some time for the sun to come down the canyon wall.


In the meantime I choose a rock face which is picking up reflected light off the opposite wall to study. This is tricky because of the lack of value contrast.


Measured sketch on white Ampersand pastel board.


Utilizing a secondary triad, pushing temperature and saturation to distinguish rock forms.

sb4 (2)

Now that the sun is down to the canyon floor the light totally changes. Begin a second study, this time choosing a simple harmony with cast shadow as a jumping off point. This cast shadow is blue violet. My focus is still on rocks.


Simple harmony; blue-violet with yellow-orange complement and analogous yellow and yellow-green.


Thanks to Durango artist and Tucson plein air painter Judy Morgan  for the invite to Sabino Canyon. This is a beautiful venue with super easy access. $5 entry fee, $7 tram fee.  Fall color is still evident in Sycamore, Cottonwood and Walnut.


Beautiful gneissic boulders.


Make it a half-day event and get your blood pumping: pack-in your supplies, opt to walk…at nature’s pace. Enjoy!


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