Drawing the Myth and Daydream: With Noah Saterstrom at TDS


Noah’s workshop really hit the spot; for the vivid dreamer, pick-me-up for the stifled imagination, general rut-be-gone, chicken soup for the mind’s eye-you name it.

Anyway, I’m really into the homework and so I’ll share it with you.

The gist of  the assignment is to choose a protagonist (animal, human, object), a setting (underwater, in a glass cube etc.) and a state or action, ( floating, in parts, dissolving, etc.) and combine them. Consider mark making.

I work with a few different media in color but graphite pencil is fine too.

Peacock in PiecesPeacock in pieces.

Little Lady and Tree

Little Lady, Floating tree.

Cave, figure in pieces  Floating Canoe

Figure in pieces in cave, in floating canoe.

We then move to myth and archetype. We each choose an established archetype and assign a personal image to it. I choose the Fool as a chain-fruit cholla…um..hmm. Very fun.

Fool Archetype

Then, we collaborate, playing a kind of exquisite corpse game of telephone.


Lot’s ‘o grist-for-the-mill here. Looking forward to more.

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