Painting Supplement #1

This is basically the same as color part 2 but in oil paint. You’ll get an idea of how to translate what you are learning into paint, plus a bit about materials and process. This supplement is for your information and does not take the place of a good hands-on class but because so many of us aspire to paint (or already do) it will add to our understanding (fun too)..(-;

Make the 5×5 grid on the same support as your drawing. I am using white Ampersand sanded pastel board and sketching with a pastel pencil. You can use canvas paper, stretched canvas or anything designed to take oil paint.

cp2 p2
Behold: The Kitchen Studio…yes, you can do this in the kitchen even though it’s best to have a separate place like a studio for painting. As long as you are well organized and clean up as you go. Good lighting is a real plus.

cp2 p1

I use an assortment of hog bristle brushes.

cp2 p3

I mix my paints before I begin. Shown here are pure hues red and green and their tints, tones and shades and pure hues blended together in roughly 75/25%, 50/50% and 25/75% and their tints, tones and shades. Similar to a Drawing with Color grid exercise.


Pure green (Viridian hue) plus 4 values made by adding white.

cp2 p5 gradient

I build the grid and put in a background on my drawing. Notice I use a tint of red for the foreground and a cooler duller tint for the background.

cp2 p7


Completed grid and feather sketch.

cp2 p8

Now you have an example of the mixing potential of red and green and an image for your color files. Consider repeating this exercise for each complement.

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