Drawing With Color Part Two: #2

cp2 2 p2

We are working with a still life where the objects are different colors. We choose a tetrad containing at least two observed local colors. In this case yellow-orange and yellow-green.

Build a grid showing the mixing potential of the tetrad.

cp2 d1

Make a light line drawing of objects. Make sure there are plenty of overlapping shapes and foreshortening. Choose tints, tones and shades of your 4 hues.

cp2 d2 3

dc2 c2 3

Start the drawing with the 4 pure hues first. Work the entire surface. Begin to mix the 4 hues, then increase your palette with tints, tones and shades.

dc2 c2 4

As you build up the drawing you will have a better idea of where to put tints, tones and shades. Erase if necessary but try to avoid using a subtractive technique with colored pencil.

Pay close attention to shifts in value and temperature.

dc2 c2 5

Increase pressure towards the end of the study. At this point you’ll know where to do this-especially after 1-2 hours of focused observation and decision making.

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