Painting Supplement # 4: Analogous

pp2 4 1

Esteemed Subject: Sprouting Yam.

See analogous colors on the wheel.

pp2 4 2

Oil paint selected to create analogous colors:  Yellow-Green (cerulean blue plus cadmium yellow light), Yellow, Yellow-Orange, Orange, and Red-Orange ( cadmium red plus cadmium orange)

pp2 4 3

First squeeze out tube colors, mix to make new colors if necessary. Make tints by mixing in white.

Determine complements of analogous. I place complements across from each other here.

pp2 4 4

Mix tones and shades using complements. I added a little white to make tones.

pp2 4 5

Plug each pure and mixed color into a grid. This grid is arranged same as the palette: Pure tube colors on the far left, then tints, tones, shades and, at the far right, complements.

Treat the canvas with a wash of a tone of one of the dominant colors of the subject.

pp2 4 8

 Develop the image all over and loosely at first.  Use different sizes of brushes.

pp2 4 9

This painting is made of 5 analogous colors and their tints, tones and shades.   Tones and shades were made by mixing in a colors’ complement. No pure complements appear directly on the canvas.

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