Drawing With Color Part 2: #5 Mid-Value Still Life

Mid-Value Pastel Color II

Examples of work from our class exploring tonal nuances in diffuse light.


Our subject matter is simple in form and painted white to get a better sense of light  and dark.


Pick a color with a medium or dark intrinsic value. Here see light, medium and dark aspects of green plus mid and dark gray.  This is a monochromatic palette.


Make two value scales: One with the pure hue and one adding gray to dull  intensity.


Tone paper with a dulled mid value of your color.


Sketch in your composition with a hard pastel.

m4 Let the toned page act as a medium value. Indicate shifts in intensity by adding grays. Look for extremes, then  place darks.


Add tints. Repeat the process. Maintain a mood of calm.


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