Painting Supplement #5

bot 1

Still Life Subject: Subtle Bottles

bot 2

Develop a monochromatic palette with one color plus  gray (black plus white) and white.  Here see oil color cadmium red medium which is red-orange.

Top row: 100% red-orange, 50% red-orange/50% white, 20% red-orange/80% white.

Bottom Row: 50% dark gray/50% red-orange, 70% med gray/30% red-orange, and 70% light gray/30% red-orange.

bot 3

Prepare the canvas with wash of a tone of red-orange.  Below the image see two bars.  The first bar shows white mixed with red-orange. The second bar shows grays mixed with red-orange.

Let the ground color “dry”. Sketch in your subject with a neutral hard pastel pencil or stick.

bot 4

And now; plug and chug.  Pull paint off the palette as appropriate and place on the canvas. Try not to blend paint on the canvas at first, opting instead to choose from the palette where three values and three intensities of the hue should be prepared. Organization pays off.

bot 7

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