Painting Supplement # 6


Looking at this still-life in low light I decide to determine a color harmony based on a shadow color.

I decide on blue in a simple harmony of blue plus three analogous colors attached to blues’ complement orange; red-orange and yellow-orange.

Tube colors: Cobalt blue, cadmium red light, cadmium orange, and cadmium yellow medium.



I begin to map the color mixtures on a panel tinted a shade of blue.  I also make a line drawing of my still-life right next to the grid.


After mixing all combinations, begin with darkest darks and work up to lights.  I am using only the 4 tube colors, no black or white. Careful not to blend too much with the brush on the panel. You’ve already mixed all of your colors on the palette so there is little need to further blend. Simply place each color where it belongs. Don’t skimp on paint!


I use just a tiny touch of white to increase the tint in the flame and to dull the luster on the string of pearls.


After you are satisfied with the painting you can spray varnish right away. If you opt not to varnish within 3-5 days then you ought to wait at least one year before varnishing. This is best as it allows the paint to “dry” (polymerize) so that the varnish sits on top of the paint and can be easily removed later on without harming the paint layer beneath. That’s right, one full year!

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