Drawing With Color Part 2: #8 Earth Tones: Sanguine and Sepia


The earth tone palette can be warm or cool.  This is warm. We are staying with muted/mixed hues for a classical effect: Sanguine (Latin meaning blood) includes burnt sienna and burnt umber which are considered shades of red-orange and orange. I use just a little of the pure hue for accent. Include gray and black if necessary.

Now, an example of a cool earth toned palette. We take our cues from the pure pigments yellow and green. Shades of yellow and green include raw umber, raw sienna and tones of yellow-green and olive-green.


Choose objects which inspire the warm or cool palette. Warm subjects in a simple still-life composition for a sanguine study.


Cooler for the sepia study.


Choose a cool gray paper for the cool study (warmer for sanguine ). Map in shapes, then lights and darks.


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