Intermediate Pastel Shorts: Rocks part 1


Need we say more?


Every rock looks unique. Science divides them into categories; igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic. It will help your drawing to know something about the formation of the rock, just ask a  geologist friend or attend a lecture.

We begin at the beginning with blind contour (not looking at our paper). This enables a focused attention and develops eye/hand coordination. It relaxes, like stretching, and prepares the drawer for the drawing.

1. Look at edge of rock.


2. Not looking at your paper, follow the edge of rock with your eye, move your hand with your eye, aka: eye/hand coordination, like playing tennis…in super-slow motion.


3. Do it over and over. Pay attention to the edge!  rk3

4. Now, wipe it all out, change the position of the rock, and start over. Vine charcoal makes wiping out easy.


5. Around and around again and again, slow, slow, slow. Exhale, like yoga, relaaaxx, ahhh.


6. Wipe it out again.rk9

7. Re-position the rock once more. This time look at the rock and the paper. Draw inside contours as well.


8. Shade in areas of light and dark. Erase areas of light. Add texture with the eraser.

rk11 9. Now change the position of the rock and draw it again on the same paper.  This time consider composition and scale (make it bigger or smaller than previous rock)

r10Think about an imaginary landscape, fractals, geologic formations…

Grab a hue plus gray, black and white to form a monochromatic palette. Shade, scumble, smudge and hatch your way into a new scape, made with just one rock and many points of view.



Try a rock-a-day!

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