Excursion Reconnaissance: Ruby, Desert Gem

Ruby landscapes-1

Ruby sits southeast of Arivaca under Montana peak- 5,370 ft. Ruby was mined for gold and silver at its onset in the early 1900’s but later turned to mostly lead and zinc.


Many unique structures still stand offering  architectural interest for drawers/painters and shelter from the sun.

Ruby landscapes-1-8

This finger lake, one of three, is ever-changing. Despite it’s location deep in the desert, water is a major feature at Ruby-bring your swimsuit!  Great Blue Heron, migratory and waterbirds populate the area. Catfish and bluegill lakewise.

  Ruby landscapes-1-7


Every mining town is imbued with history; natural and man-made, Ruby is no exception.

Ruby landscapes-1-3

Sunset; colors warm and the desert comes to life. Stay to witness the evening bat exodus from the deep shaft. Better yet, camp overnight to catch the sunrise.

Check in with Ruby’s caretaker upon arrival.  Day use fee $12, overnight camping $16.

“Ruby Mines Restoration Project” is a non-profit foundation, set up to preserve the town’s historical record and habitat of the area, to donate or volunteer email howard@rubyrestoration.org.

Many thanks to Pat Frederick for guidance and photographs.

2 thoughts on “Excursion Reconnaissance: Ruby, Desert Gem

  1. Wouldn’t you know we have work conflicts. Will have to do another trip. Thanks, Nancy and Karen


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