Intermediate Pastel Shorts: Water part II


We set out to capture the essence of flowing, bubbling water. No simple task.

For guidance we look to Japanese woodblock print masters of water:

ww9 and photographs, because they see faster:


We observed water shapes and relationships. You can trace marks or interpret them-be aware of the diversity of marks: their quickness, slowness, compactness and openness.





Take water notes:


Blind contour edges as they change shape, move and dissipate. Coordinate the eye and hand, like warming up for a run or stretching to loosen and relax.

Remind yourself that, no matter how complex, all you need is right in front of you.

The longer you look, the more you’ll see, the longer you draw, the more you’ll remember.  w1

” Warm highlights, cool shadows”. ” Reflected light is warm and cool”. “Daylight is cool, incandescent is warm”.  So say the masters.

Rules are relative…draw what you see!




Sara w4

Regina  w8  w11




Thanks to All for making this a great series of rocks, skies and water. Plan for more this fall. Your suggestions are always appreciated.

One thought on “Intermediate Pastel Shorts: Water part II

  1. Thanks, Meredith, this looks great and I plan to practice with my own fountain, and down in the Chiricahuas when I camp there next weekend!

    Thanks for the teaching of the Pastel Shorts. Hope to join you again soon in another class,


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