Outing: 2nd Annual Plein Air Convention, Monterey, CA.

Hey, any excuse to visit the coast goes although this convention far exceeded any imagined scenario. Having never been before, and having learned a great deal, I’d recommend it. For anyone and everyone!

But, if you are serious about improving your Plein Air game or  like to travel,  take in fabulous scenery, get free samples, watch artists make first rate paintings,  schmooze with international “rock star” plein air painters, drink starbucks all day, party, play, paint, make new friends, meet gallerists, etc., consider attending the 3rd Annual Plein Air Convention. Not sure where it will be yet.

We pushed for Tucson of course… I secretly have my fingers crossed for Kauai… or Cuba…c’mon Costa Rica.


The great drop-off. We’re not in Tucson anymore.


Monterey Marina.


El Gulpo…kind of reminds me of you-know-who.

mon4 mon5 mon6

I am in “Flower Shock” here. The scale of blossoms and plant are enormous!mon7

Locals say it’s the “best bloom”.mon9

Now, I’m scared…mon10

Hey look, plein air painters!mon11 mon12

Diligent drawer and compainero Gay Scheibl.


At the Monterey Convention Center. There were over 650 of us.


Pastel Demo.


Gil Dellinger painting with acrylics.


Ken Auster on the jumbo-tron. That is a big painting!


Presto, Voila, Done. 90 minute monster canvas. Entertained yet?


Lot’s of goodies for sale at discounts. This here is the Paint-Saver palette kit which enables the painter to store paint in the freezer between jobs. Look at those beautiful rainbow and earth hues. Hmm.mon21

The “Strada” titanium plein air easel…for those who want it all.

mon22 mon24 mon25

Oooo, the lusciously gaudy palette which produced the above Point Lobos painting.


This is an acrylic painting on paper-really!


Can’t go to the coast without sampling local fare. Careful not to overdue it! (yes, I overdid it)


My “picture notes”. Much easier to remember than regular written ones…


And now it’s our turn!  They unleash us on the beach. We race out to paint. They broke us in gently-no cliff hanging, churning, roiling, drop-offs here. Just a little disappointing.


A little closer to Carmel and Pebble beach is Asilomar-a coastal preserve and resort. Rent one of the cabins there-it’s very nice (but windy)!


Next morning, our final day to paint, we tackle the marina.


Geesh.  How long is this going to take?


Now, let’s go sailing!


Yes, we really are here.



…and here.

Got to paint hard to play hard right? or maybe it’s the other way around.


Adios California. Until next time.

To receive online info every month subscribe to: Plein Air Today or read Plein Air Magazine and perhaps Fine Art Connoisseur-published/edited by the event planners Eric Rhoads (publisher) and Stephen Doherty (editor).

2 thoughts on “Outing: 2nd Annual Plein Air Convention, Monterey, CA.

  1. Meredith, Looks like you had a wonderful time. I will go next year, I am so excited to see this. Thank you, Nancy Evans

  2. Soooo Jealous. What a great opportunity for you. Your marina piece was excellent….was it acrylics and how long did it take?… am anxiously awaiting the tips you have picked up for our trip next week. Edy

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