Outing: Windy Point


Here we are at Mt.Lemmon’s famed scenic Windy Point Vista. That’s east Tucson way off in the distance. Luckily it is not windy at 9 a.m. this morning. The feel of the area is surreal. There are many great compositions of tree, rock and bush…simple…and maybe a human being too, if you’re lucky.


Unique to the area are these funky out-croppings, aka Hoodoos. Obviously an attraction. Wiser to paint than climb- methinks.


We both choose a  limited primary triad palette: I’m using; cadmium yellow medium, cad red light and ultramarine blue.



Gay gets the sun baked feel here. Yes we are baking like lizards despite the altitude. Next time, bring an umbrella. There is some natural shade of course but if you want the perfect view you may need to bring your own.moli8


Join us Friday May 17

for our last official Excursion of the season to Mt. Lemmon. We may stop here at Windy Point, weather conditions permitting, and we’ll definitely travel higher.

To sign up for an 8 am-5 pm day out, call  The Drawing Studio at (520) 690-0947.

All experience levels welcome.


Viva Catalina!

One thought on “Outing: Windy Point

  1. The paintings are really impressive! The dizzying perspective in Viva Catalina! makes me wonder how you painted it without falling off. (Glad you didn’t) Are you offering beginning oils next fall? Margaret

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