Outing: The Arizona Trail


We were after a hidden waterfall this morning, so hidden, that’s right, we didn’t find it. But there was plenty of material in the area. We ended up right on the Arizona Trail…wouldn’t it be fun to paint the trail?!  All of it-from Mexico to Utah. Have Burro, will travel…Gay Sheibl took this pic of el jefelito-he just couldn’t make it over the stream boulders, (yes, he is fastened on).


aat8Always with one ear open…


I’ll try a limited primary triad palette with earthy opaque hues; cerulean blue, Persian red and yellow ochre. I ‘m using Williamsburg yellow Ochre (domestic)-really rich. Williamsburgoils.com


Following the form with strokes. Layering from general to specific.

aat6That’s it for the field portion of this painting. Still needs a little  something , not sure what, so will let it rest for now.


We like these old Oaks. They have good contrast and varied form…and the best shade! Gay paints with Pete at her feet.

Good dogs -good company.

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