Reconnaissance: Mt. Lemmon

Mt. Lemmon is your one stop shop for Plein Air this Summer. There are so many amazing formations, plants, animals and vistas. We will be exploring 2 of the more accessible locations with restrooms, parking and picnic tables for lunch. They are very different. You’ll be sure to find something inspiring.


We’ll be up in the Pines in the afternoon, but before the forest we’ll check out the view at Windy Point Vista.


This area is great for singling out shapes and comparing contrasts.  The ground plane reflects considerable light. Vegetation is dark in comparison. There is a little shade. You might want to bring an umbrella, definitely a hat.


This is a good morning location.The sun is not too hot and the cast shadows are long and cool.



This is our first stop, look for the hairpin curve and the Hoodoo at the south end of the parking lot.


ml1At the end of the road to Summerhaven is Marshall Gulch, where water flows most often.  The area is shady and cool with dramatic scenery.


Good for practicing rocks and water!


See you there.

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