Outing: Tumamoc Spring Saguaro


It’s about 5:45 a.m. up on the Hill. Early risers enjoy perfect temps and a nice sunrise. This will be a 96 degree day. It is cool until around 9 a.m., plenty of time for a pastel plein air.th2

I’m on the prowl for something really spectacular…The Saguaros are full of blossoms and buds-spectacular enough. I find one with a front-row-seat. Lucky me!th3 th4Zoom in for better composition and to really see. As the sun warms up the buds, they begin to drip with nectar. Then the bees show up, not too many thank you!


I’ve decided to work with a simple harmony: Yellow-orange, blue violet, blue and blue-green. The pastel surface is Jack Richeson sanded gator foam board primed a yellow-orange. I like this surface because it grips so well and you don’t need fixative.th8Take a break, look around. Behind us see the Library and old greenhouse.




The light is really changing now and is quite different from start time.  I think I have what I need so I’m going to stop for now, take the work home, and resolve it in the studio.th14Back in the studio I pushed the temperature a little more and reinforced the light source.

Thank-you Tumamoc!

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