Outing: Santa Rita: Memorial Day in Madera


Hello! What’s this? Good luck omen? Just deer? Well, whatever, it’s going to be a good plein air day.


The mountains are really burning off the moisture this a.m. which exaggerates aerial perspective and temperature contrast.


East view better than west.mad32Gay goes for the deep space and shadow nuances.

mad33 mad34I have a thing for rocks, so this is it for me.

       mad rock ptg

m7Sometimes unusually shaped things don’t make for good paintings like rocks which look like headstones (or clouds shaped liked Micky Mouse)…but I can’t resist, c’est la vie.

m6 m5 I’m trying out a split primary palette. So, instead of just three hues use six; a warm and cool variation of each primary, plus white and black.

Yellow: Indian Yellow and Cad Lemon

Red: Alizarin Crimson and Cad Red Light

Blue: Ultramarine and Cerulean

m3We decide to move to another, cooler, spot up the Canyon. On our way we see many paintings waiting to happen. Aligator Juniper has such fab. texture-perhaps a better subject for pen and ink.

mad12Yes! This tree is growing right out of this (purple) rock. We are debating which limited palette would suit this subject; a secondary triad? Simple harmony? Split complementary…

mad11We settle into a spot with many big trees and trails. Also many campers and since it is Memorial Day weekend, lot’s of barbeque…mmmm, BBQ.

m1 Careful!

What time is it anyway?

What looks like rock stack at 11:30 (left) could look like rock stack (below) at 12:30…same, but different.

Which is in why we don’t start a painting in the a.m to finish in the p.m.

But, once again, couldn’t resist!

mad21 cairn ptgHere we go.


mad17…and there goes the light…maybe I should do the little Mullein instead.


mad20eleven stack

Now, this was a challenge.We are both challenged (we are painters after all).For some reason I decide to work on this one at home…completely changing it in the process (this is what happens when you take plein air inside-it’s never the same again).


mad18Gay in the forest.

mad25Love that Sycamore bark!






Gay Scheibl, oil on canvas, 2013

Rock Talk

Meredith Milstead, 9×12, oil on panel, 2013

2 thoughts on “Outing: Santa Rita: Memorial Day in Madera

  1. I love this journey! I wish I didn’t need to sleep!
    Just very close to finish of sculpture I started in Oct….and want to paint too.
    I love what the two of you are doing….and your lucky day with deer AND turkey!

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