Outing: Tumamoc Trees


Here we are. Such fabulous haze. It’s a straight shot into the sun. Luckily it’s early and coolish-I can take it. Whoa, Plein air’ll be the death of me.

Today I am trying out oil pastels. I’ve been oil painting lately and Tumamoc is usually a drawing venue so I’m thinking to draw with oil.

Plus, these very,very nice Sennelier sticks are a gift from my sis and her son. This one’s for you little guy!

tam2In these slightly extreme conditions I am extra careful with my measured line drawing.  Once it heats up I have a feeling these oil pastels are going to be pretty slippery.tam3  tam7 Slippy, Slippy, sticky. I made a terp.wash with the first layer. It’s eating up the media-not sure if this was the right thing to do. In Winter better maybe.tam9Auntie M, Auntie M ! I’m melting! tam13And, were done, whew.  Absolutely au plein air. A collaboration with the Sun. I like! Quick, send more sticks!


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