Introduction to Pastel: The Drawing Studio

Come, learn Pastel!

Introduction to Pastel

August 18-September 8

Four Sunday afternoons 1-4 pm. at Glass Illusions Gallery

Register through The Drawing Studio, tel 620-0947 or online


Meredith Milstead, Pewter Service (with tools), pastel on wallis paper, 2013

We’ll learn about the history of pastel, practice basic techniques, and create images with sparkle, sheen, mystery and drama. No experience necessary. Materials include; a small selection of chalk pastels ( blue, red, yellow and white), vine charcoal, heavy rough paper and fixative.

Instructor: Meredith Milstead

Plein Air: Red Mountain Pass, Colorado

The Call of the Wild, ahooooo.

The Call of the Wild, ahooooo. (is that a Marmot…no it’s Mr. Pepe!)

We are on our way to picturesque Ouray, Colorado so we take the million dollar highway from Silverton. We go over  Red Mountian Pass.


Throughout the course of this venture the wind blows in mighty gusts, it rains giant drops on us, the sun comes out and goes away numerous times…a typical afternoon in Colorado. Que fun!




( I don’t know how she puts up with me.)

Go team plein air!

Plein Air: Vellecito Reservoir, CO

Vellecito means "little valley" which is what we are looking up.

Vellecito means “little valley”.

ponder, ponder

Hmmm. She’s got a bigger canvas than usual to work with. Upgrading can be tricky if you are used to smaller sizes.

I'm in love with this stump.

Wow, what a stump! I’m going for the reflected light in this one.



It is a partially cloudy day, and late afternoon, the worst for actual plein air painting but the best for dramatic effects-super tricky. Hey, every painting is a learning experience.


Gay Scheibl, oil on panel, 2013

Gay Scheibl, oil on panel, 2013

Meredith Milstead, Vallecito Stump, 8x10, oil on panel, 2013

Meredith Milstead, Vallecito Stump, 8×10, oil on panel, 2013