Monsoon on The Mountain

One more time and we’ll have a habit…or maybe not if the lightening gets us first…Hello hazardous weather, brrrrrrr.



We decide to tough it out. This does not look good.  Que sera sera….


Today I have the guts to try the view. Look at all those people on that rock-paint that…ha!

We are not having much luck because there is no light source! So, we are calling it quits for today, we put in our time, now it’s all cocoa with marshmallows.

I heard it emphatically stated (some plein-air head), “don’t worry if you don’t complete the painting in one sitting, you can always go back later”. This works great in theory…but it’s never the same later…really; we change, nature changes, the sun comes up at a different time, at a different angle…never the same. What you’re really doing is painting perception. Granted, “perception” or better yet “impression” depends on observation. In the case of this painting, I picked an impression and developed it in studio. Because it comes from Windy Point, which is familiar now, there is a connection.


Meredith Milstead, Hoodoo Halo, oil on canvas, 9x12, 2013

Meredith Milstead, Hoodoo Halo, oil on canvas, 9×12, 2013

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