Pastelling in the rain, what a glorious thing

Can it be done? (Should it be done?) Yes and maybe…

It is a rare opportunity to experience plein air in the rain here and so, since we are into rare opportunities, despite improbabilities, we say why not!? “We”, um, “I” is more accurate-can’t understand why no one wants to come out in this…


The rain makes red orange rich and dark!


I find a spot under the eve of the Main building up here, where the Javalina’s usually hang out.


Here is an example of a plant-guild, where the Saguaro has used the  Palo Verde for shade in it’s wee stages.


I pick a rich red-orange pre-primed Richeson sanded gator foam board surface to work on. Because it is so dark I begin with the lights.


still raining…


In these light conditions I’m going more for value and temperature contrast.

DSC_0238 DSC_0241

It’s so humid now my pastels are starting to get sticky so I ‘ll stop and fill ‘er out in studio.

DSC_0243 DSC_0251



M. Milstead, Rain Maker, pastel on board, 9×12, 2013

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