Black ‘n Dappled


This back country plein air is serious business, why without Katrina’s trusty all-wheel-drive, we wouldn’t make it!


Que Peligro!


Que Linda!


We are in Black Hawk habitat. Buteogallus anthracinus is a migratory summer visitor from as far away as Costa Rica. This big bird has yellow feet and a broad white band under its tail.


We end up in a wash which is also the road here at the bottom of the R. Ranch. It takes a bit to find something to paint. The light is really dappled so I think that will be my theme (dappled light).



Sure, you can watch.”


“No, I don’t mind.”


Believe it or not there might actually be a painting here. The light is right and the composition could be interesting. I’ll give it some texture and detail in the studio.

Katrina is communing with the Bulls. She is brave. There are two big black angus in the bushes snorting and munching away. Sorry no pictures of this…


Image 4

Katrina Lasko, Flower Abstraction, oil on panel, 2013


M.Milstead, Wash alight, 11×14, acrylic on panel, 2013


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