Canelo Hills: Fall Color Plein air


We are looking into a ranch-turned-nature-preserve in southern AZ near a forest service outpost called Canelo, elev. 4,900 ft. Believe it or not this is our Wine Country. Think- Napa Valley of the Desert Southwest…

Anyway, back to painting.

This conservation zone is teaming with avian and terrestrial fauna. I am slow on the camera-draw, but that is a deer bounding away.



Today I try a rectangular tetrad harmony which includes: yellow, green, violet and red-tube colors; cad yellow light, ultramarine blue +cad yel light for green, ultramarine +cad red purple for violet, and cad red purple for red. Something different.


Check out the unbelievable color and technique in Valerie’s work. She uses knives, brushes, digits-whatever it takes.



Valerie will open her studio for This Fall’s Open Studio Tour:  Nov 9,10. Look for “Alley Cat Studio” in the downtown area.

IMG_2800 2


A little “pinky-work”-saves an otherwise overly repetitive composition.

Paint on People!

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