Blinded By The Light: Painting with TPAPS

DSC_0005 2

We are across from the pima cotton fields of Marana near the regional airport off of Sanders Road…painting. Sunrise and wetland views are grand and dramatic with pronounced contrast.

DSC_0006 2

I like this scene but decide on the much more challenging and highly unrecommended view of the actual sunrise…

DSC_0008 2

Hope no permanent damage to the retinas was caused in the painting of this one. A cathartic act.

DSC_0011 2

Back up with the group on the rise, looking across the scape at the reflective waters of the Santa Cruz and misty “Ragged Top” in the Tucsons.

DSC_0013 2


An Historic site, no less.


Gay and I are working on the same view from about 8:30-11 AM.




Many thanks to the Tucson Plein Air Painters Society for opening up their paint-outs to non-members (like me) through January. Had such a good time with such great painters.

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