Sabino: Rust Roan Pony Rancher

What do an extinct rust colored bush, a wild roan pony and a rancher named Sabino have in common? HA! You’ll have to come to the canyon to find out…

Sabino Canyon tram starts running at 9 AM, so up we go to find the best spot and wait for the sun. The canyon is pretty much in shadow til 10 o’clock.

Image 9

The Fantastic Four: Angela, Mikaela, Me, Gay

We like stop #8, Anderson Dam. There is a nice trickle of water and reflective pool to practice on. Running water is always a welcomed site and sound to us.


There are few ways to do it: Wait for bolt-of-lightning like inspiration (it happens!), scout around for the perfect point of view, zoom in , pan out, plunk down and do what’s there no matter what…they all work.

DSC_0009 2

With the tram to help us with our stuff, we bring our own seating for a more comfortable, and ultimately productive experience.

DSC_0008 3

Image 6

DSC_0007 2

DSC_0010 2

DSC_0001 2

Image 10

DSC_0018 2

See you in Sabino!

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