Tumamoc Sentinel


How many times can you paint the same thing and have it turn out completely different? million ‘n one? I’m going for the record with this Saguaro.

Perhaps this one is so appealing because, while ambitious and far-reaching,  one discrete arm dips down to just eye level…anyone can be privy to the secrets of the rarefied tippy-top.

Toning the paper first creates automatic color integration, speeding things up considerably. Plein air is fast work-which is why it often looks Impressionistic, as in first impression.


I am feeling “pink” today and red-violet happens to be the complement of yellow-green, a most abundant hue here on the Hill.

My palette: a simple harmony of red-violet and yellow-green, yellow and yellow orange for accents. I can also include the complements of yellow and yellow-orange; violet and blue-violet, most likely for the sky and far-distant mountains.



“Will it always be so pink“?


“No, not so pink”.


A cool-pink -yellow-green-warm-winter-afternoon on Tumamoc.  Delightful indeed.


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