Plein Air Sketching: Harshaw, AZ


We are still taking advantage of the mild weather to explore Southern Arizona’s history and plein air possibilities.  A little off the beaten track is the site of Harshaw, an old mining “ghost town” in the Patagonias.

DSC_0005 2

DSC_0006 2


Meredith works with ink and colored pencil.

After Harshaw, we retrace our steps to this small ranch site with Sycamore trees, shed, and cows.




Julie works with vine charcoal.

In just a few afternoon hours we accomplished a lot. This site is definitely worth more investigation. The road to Harshaw is improved dirt, so it’s not difficult, just a little dusty.  Tune in next week for more sketching in the San Rafael and Patagonia mountain area!

One thought on “Plein Air Sketching: Harshaw, AZ

  1. Sorry we missed this one. Karen’s grandfather is from Harshaw. I’m still rehabbing from my knee replacement. Nancy

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