Plein Air Paint Out: TPAPS: Tubac Presidio, AZ

DSC_0001 3

Gift shop full of goodies and artifacts. I could live here…warm light and high ceilings combined with the scents of chocolate and chilies, Hello, good morning!

DSC_0002 3

Once inside the Presidio walls, there is picturesque historic architecture and inspiring display.

DSC_0007 3

DSC_0006 4

DSC_0010 3

DSC_0009 2

This building is particularly striking (and stable) in the morning light.


My interest in red-orange leads me to tone a very small, 5×7 gessobord,  burnt sienna.

I then scratch in some perspective with a rubber brush.

DSC_0013 2

At 11 o’clock shadows and highlights are changing temperature so that’s it.

DSC_0015 2

DSC_0014 3

Plein air painting together reminds me of  a timed athletic training exercise where team spirit motivates and participants are driven to excel through pushing limits. In this format, painting becomes a shared activity, a means to reinforce shared identity and camaraderie…


…proven, by Harvard psychologists, to be good for the mind, body and…spirit .


Thank-you TPAPS for the adventure and opportunity.

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