Tumamoc: A Study of Daytime Chromatic Shift

Tumamoc  has been a site for modern scientific evaluation for over 100 years. The Hill is attractive to many.  This attraction interests me and poses the questions: Why so attractive? How to further evaluate?

After working for a while, a plan develops. Blackboard talk and diagrams make it official.

P1000847 2

Tumamoc Desert Lab has served as an outdoor studio for my studies in color. This Winter/Spring, work on site (plein aire) developed into an evaluation of the light/color shifts throughout the day from dawn to dusk.  Chromatic shifts relate to the position of the sun in the sky, atmospheric conditions and the distance light waves travel, etc. Further processing of “color” by the eye and brain produce discrete phenomena such as simultaneous and successive contrast.  This type of theory based chromatic observation is referenced in late 19th century Impressionism. I believe that all of these factors combine together to create an integrated color/light “imprint”, memorable and familiar, like the smell of popcorn or puppy breath.

I’m at about the halfway point in the daylight evaluation.  These pieces are all at different stages of development, but, you get the gist.

DSC_0012 2

7:00, BV, 3/22/14

DSC_0010 2

9:00, B, 3/24/14


11:00, BG, 3/17,14

DSC_0009 2

13:00, YG, 3/10/14

DSC_0006 2

14:00, Y, 2/25/14


15:00, YO, 12/13

DSC_0011 2

13:00-15:00, YG-O-RV-B, 2/18/14


16:00, RO, 2/11/14

After the Spring Equinox on the 20th of March, light becomes noticeably different. The project will soon phase out due to Summer light and heat. Tune in again soon to see how it all comes together…


2 thoughts on “Tumamoc: A Study of Daytime Chromatic Shift

  1. Hey, That is very interesting. Now all these drawings you have doing make sense. Very nicely done. I like the familiarity of puppy breath part.

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