Catalina Regional County Park: TPAPS Paint Out


Plein Air Style of the Southwest. Chic.


Carol Swinney gives the demo this morning. She works exclusively with a palette knife. She works from top to bottom, in other words, spatially, back (deeper space) to front (foreground or shallower space).


Great turn out, demo and location.



I like this venue because there is so much to choose from. The majestic Catalina Mountains are in full view in the distance but, closer up there are structures, horse paths, roads, interesting plants and of course the great Canada del Oro, CDO, wash (this park was created after forest fire related floods compromised the properties here. Pima County bought out the residents and made the floodplain a park)


I’m inspired to make a series of small quick works here.


…and pay more attention to value (light and dark) “structure” and value “families”. This will be my challenge! Go, go, go.



Doublewide Delight, 8×8, oil, Milstead



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