Back to Jack

It all starts with Jack:                                                                                                    IMG_4858

As every small dog knows, one must seize opportunity swiftly, by the fangs, lest it flap or flop away.

Opportunity comes one warm afternoon to draw (not eat) live bird models. We commence with the necessary collaboration, snack breaks and cacophony and come out with some lively works.

Scroll down to see four pastel on paper works in progress, over about four months, and subsequent completion in the “Montage Madness” gallery.IMG_4827

Jack as Jacques at the easel, warming up with charcoal.


They say the self portrait can really help with “inner work”. Jacques?


Mr. Pepe is constant distraction…


or subject material. All depends on how you look at it.


“Gizmo”  moves around a lot when scrutinized (sorry gizmo). He requires acute peripheral vision to draw from life…No, I cannot just “take a picture”…

Remember,  “Art” is in the mark.

And then there’s Pepper, the Parakeet, most shy bird. Spends a lot of time looking in the mirror for his dream girl.IMG_4948

(good chance to use all the shades of blue-green in the pastel-box).


I’m just drawing the things that are happening in time around me, making observations and putting them down wherever….composition and color come later.

The Big Garnet! (bigger than Pepe-el-Jefe’s real life cabeza)



Odd ornament… I must admit, Gizmos strong sharp beak makes me think twice about putting my hand in the actual cage (but not so scary in the paper cage).

The pink pagoda must be Gizmo’s “transcendental object”.IMG_5559

What does it all mean, anyway?… just enough clarity for mystery.

Now, at this stage, it is about balance…(visual balance). Editing, storytelling, color, composition…emotion.

Best Part of process is dialogue with creation.


Aarrgh! slurpy dialogue



Many Thanks to Pepe, Jack, Gizmo and Pepper. 


Montage Madness

Birds Eye View - Jack

Birds Eye View Jack, pastel on paper, 22×30, M.Milstead


Birds Eye View - Pepper

Birds Eye View Pepper, pastel on paper, 22×30, M.Milstead


Birds Eye View - Pepe

Birds Eye View Pepe, pastel on paper, 22×30, M.Milstead


Birds Eye View - Gizmo

Birds Eye View Gizmo, pastel on paper, 22×30, M.Milstead

Come see us at Mesch, Clark and Rothschild Law Firm.

“Tucson Way of Thinking” opens January 12, 2016. Reception 5:30-7:30 PM. for details.

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