Greens on Lemmon

We had plans to paint out on Mt.Lemmon but, due to monsoonal unpredictability, our official trip was cancelled…But that didn’t stop us, no, we decided to brave the elements and hope for the best. IMG_5620 We’d planned on Windy Point, but it was too windy…and pointy (as in stinging raindrops). So we continue on. When in doubt, go higher, right?! But wait! These datura are so purple in the overcast, not washed out like in the Sun. Was it Monet who said never paint green without purple? IMG_5619 We drive to the end of the road and , surprise, a sunbeam breaks through the cloudy, rainy atmosphere. IMG_5638  Wow, it is steamy up here! So luscious and green. This reminds me of Durer’s study of turf.IMG_5648


Albrecht Durer, Large Piece of Turf, 1503, watercolor and gouache.


We feel pretty good after our toils in the field. IMG_5661

Mikaela, Meredith, Lee

Now, it’s time for pie. See you at the next Plein Air outing with Tucson Pastel Society.



Lemmon Greens with Droplets, Milstead

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