Color Therapy


Ooo-wee. Rumor has it that this is a good color year. I head up to the high country to check it out…






Molas Pass

and on down to Silverton-


On over to the dark rock of Ouray-

IMG_6748 IMG_6730


We complete the loop near Durango. The little dogs are frisky in the cool weather.

IMG_6542 IMG_6549

No Kokanee for you , Monsieur Jacques.


Adios wonderful mountain color. Until next year…


6 thoughts on “Color Therapy

  1. Just reading about early American landscape painters who sent painting back to England of Fall foliage and the Brits thought the painters were making it up- the color so extravagant!Like that black mountain and yellow leafy treetops- Cynthia

    • Aha! I wanted to add that I did not “enhance” any of the photographs… In the overcast they seemed more saturated. The strong contrast and complementary combinations really pack a punch!

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