Pastel Preparations Before and After

The Tucson Pastel Society is geared up for Show Season here in Tucson. Come find us at: Tohono Chul, Murphey Gallery and Mesch, Clark and Rothschild law firm.

I paint pieces for Murphey Gallery at two locations this Fall, read on.

Empire Ranch

We arrive at Empire Ranch during a cattle drive and, after navigating through many cows, spend the day (windy) amidst buildings. We might paint the cows but they are really moving! (like the wind)


Many Cowmen!


Our inspiration for the day:


I make two studies with different limited palette color schemes.



Okay for studies, but they need more attention.

It’s easy to lose the vitality of a plein air sketch when it is reworked in the studio but, it’s either that or file them into the towering “study pile”.

Studio enhanced work sees a shift to more saturated color and emphasis on form. They are less about the effects of light as they were outside on location.


Empire Red Barn, 9×12, pastel on board, Meredith Milstead


Empire in Violet, 9×12, pastel on board, Meredith Milstead

Green Valley

Our next outing takes us to Green Valley and Tubac Artist Roy Purcell’s studio. He is a gracious host. We paint his environs.




Roy has a nice view of the Santa Rita Mountains.



And after, courtesy of the studio:


Morning Agave, 9×12, pastel on board, Meredith Milstead


Valley View East, 9×12, pastel on board, Meredith Milstead

A selection from this selection will appear in The Pastel Society’s Charity Show December 5-January 7 at the Murphey Gallery at St. Phillips Church on River Road. A portion of sales from this show will benefit Tucson Arts Brigade.

More to come!

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