Painting Patagonia


I hit the road once a week to paint in Patagonia with friend and fellow artist Julie Holding.  Following are the fruits of recent adventures.

First drive down, Santa Rita’s are nicely dusted.


We begin in the locals’ Graveyard, full of history and headstone. Tricky with the linear perspective.


Arg! I cannot get this to work.



Maybe something simpler to start with.


Eventually we focus on the surrounds, great light and shadow.



As the temp drops and wind picks up, we head down to the mesquite bosque.  Red dirt of the region is an exciting addition to the palette.


Patagonia is so cold this week I have to put on the ‘ol wooly cap…itchy itch.




Next spot is the Historic Patagonia Schoolhouse, recently designated museum status with much fanfare.

Because it is white, reflected light is evident everywhere, an unexpectedly colorful subject.


Julie works with charcoal on the view.


I go for the red roof through the mesquites for more “tree practice”.



Many thanks to Julie and Meg for the Patagonia invitation and hospitality. What an awesome enclave. More to come!

Patagonia Gallery

Patagonia Headstone_oil on canvas_Meredith Milstead

Patagonia Headstone, oil, M. Milstead

Winter Watershed_oil_M.Milstead

Winter Watershed, oil, M.Milstead

Dirt Track Trees_oil_M.Milstead

Dirt Track Trees, oil, M.Milstead

Old Patagonia Schoolhouse_oil_M.Milstead

Old Patagonia Schoolhouse, oil, M.Milstead

2 thoughts on “Painting Patagonia

  1. Meredith,

    It was so fun to see this blog post! I would have responded sooner but I was away from my computer all day yesterday.

    I loved your presentation of the process and seeing all your recent Patagonia work together. And, seeing how you finished your most recent piece was very interesting; I find it very beautiful. I enjoy your work so much; very inspirational and so fun to have been there on site to witness.

    Yesterday Linda Poverman mentioned how much she enjoys following your blog, seeing your work, and visiting Patagonia.

    I’m going to share this link with friends.

    Looking forward to more Patagonia outings!



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